If you live in North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, or Ohio (like me), get out there and vote today — and in November too of course! But wherever you are, Aunt Sadie’s limited-edition 2016 Election Candle Collection lets your allegiance burn loud and proud without (mercifully) saying a word.

Every primary candidate is covered in both Presidential seal and text versions, and there are also “Vote Blue” and “Vote Red” varieties.

Each candle, proudly hand-poured in Vermont, is scented with a fresh green tea fragrance. bernie bernie_2 cruzcruz_2 hilary hilary_2 kasich kasich_2 red rubio rubio_2 trump trump+2

“These candles are not meant as a endorsement of any candidate,” the company’s Gary Briggs emphasized. “We’re grateful to live in a democracy that allows us the freedom to choose our leaders, and we hope you will exercise your vote.”

Your favorite will burn long after you hit the voting booth (or their campaign goes up in flames). Pick one up here for $18 a pop!blue

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