Picking winners for this giveaway has not been easy, but I’ve found a most deserving soul for this week. The folded William Arthur note, and its fancy orange lined envelope, found its way north to me from Florida.IMG_9375 copyInside it reads: Dear Sarah, I was so torn about sending this card. You see, it’s the very last of a small pack purchased years ago. I was living thousands of miles from home — my first time away — and one day I saw these cards. The flowers reminded me of California poppies and just felt so strongly familiar. They felt like home. I still live thousands of miles from my original home. Even so, I realize it’s time to release this card — to stop hoarding it — let it fulfill its original purpose … let it be placed into an envelope to be opened and appreciated by another. I hope you find some beauty and perhaps even comfort in the orange flowers too. Sincerely, Cindy RattiIMG_9377 copyThank you so much for writing in, Cindy! I love your stationery & can completely understand your reluctance to part with it. However, you are an inspiration to us all! With your love of beautiful florals, I think this set, featuring Chronicle Books’ Sunblooms by Amy Butler, is perfect for you. Maybe they will remind you of home too.Untitled 2 copy 244Thank you Egg Press, Hello!Lucky and of course Write_On for donating this great set (and, thank you Write_On for letting me contribute this Q&A to their amazing blog)! And, keep the Write_On letters coming! I’ve got two more fabulous sets (pictured below) that are still up for grabs, and winning one could not be easier. Just write me on your favorite stationery (which is most likely gathering dust)  and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

Even you don’t win one of these, I will run your letter once April ends and send you free stationery from another LWC sponsor. Let’s keep the letter-sending going all year!Untitled 2 copy 2ttt Untitled 2 copy 2r

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