So, yesterday my nine-year-old daughter was home sick and I asked her to help pick this week’s winner. This was no easy task, as we have different ideas about nearly everything these days. Complicating matters is the fact that every write_on letter I’ve received these past few weeks is beyond fabulous.

After rather intense negotiations (quelled only by the promise of more screen time), we both agreed this letter, sent from my adopted hometown of New York City, really touched our hearts.IMG_9361 copyIt’s on a personalized notepad sheet reading “from the desk of”  and reads:

Dear Sarah! Hello, my name is Cialina and this is my favorite stationery. I have several notepads with the same design.

My grandfather passed away almost two years ago. When he was alive, he ran an old-school printing press that printed small batches of products/books for businesses and schools in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we had to sell the printing press business after his death. Before my family closed shop, my mom had this personalized stationery printed for me.

This stationery evokes childhood memories of my grandfather’s business: the constant smell of inks in the air & the swish and swoosh of the machines.

Happy National Letter Writing Month! Thanks for taking the time to read an anecdote about my family.

Sincerely, Cialina Temena-HusemannIMG_9362 copyThank you so much for writing in, Cialina! These sheets actually remind me of my own grandfather. What I wouldn’t give to get a note from him today! At any rate, I thought this set, featuring Chronicle Books’ Perfume Notes, felt right for you. I have a feeling you’ll make good use of it!Untitled 2 copy 2Thank you Egg Press, Hello!Lucky and of course Write_On for donating this great set! And, keep the Write_On letters coming! I’ve got three more fabulous sets (pictured below) that are still up for grabs, and winning one could not be easier. Just write me on your favorite stationery (which is most likely gathering dust)  and tell me what makes it so. My address is: P.O. Box 22133, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

Even you don’t win one of these, I will run your letter at some point and send you stationery from another LWC sponsor — all the better for writing someone who’s just itching to hear from you! Untitled 2 copy 244 Untitled 2 copy 2ttt Untitled 2 copy 2r

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