February has always been a tough month for me; for whatever reason, that is the time of year that things seem to always hit the fan. Without digressing into my specifics (I could write, to quote Bridesmaids, A Very Sad Hand-Written Book), I’ll just say this seems like a perfect time to share the new Who WE Are collection: by women, about women, for women.

Lovingly drawn by Nicole Cicak and released by Lori Christenen of Carde Blanche, they do in card form just what they say: encourage, gather, share, support, laugh. All this on thick, textured paper no less!

Each box comes with 10 cards (2 of each design) and 11 kraft envelopes. Best of all, Lori has pledged to donate 15% of the $24 purchase price to Writes for Women, which in turn goes directly to The Ms. Foundation. So you are doing good in so many more ways than one! Buy a set (and maybe a few for your besties) here!
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