I have been a Whitney English fan (and, luckily for me, a friend too) for years. In fact, she was one of my 10 Designers to Watch in 2010, the first year we ever ran the feature at Stationery Trends. At that point, she was creating her own imprintables, stickers, clipboards and personalized candles.

So it is quite thrilling personally to see that her range of Day Designers is premiering at Target nationwide on July 12.

Created in conjunction with Blue Sky, the range is as design focused, chic and sophisticated as Whitney’s work always has been, replete with classic stripes, mesmerizing patterns and pops of color and foil.

All Day Designers run from July 2015 to June 2016, and the concept promises to help not only plan one’s days, but prioritize to-dos while staying focused on life’s most important pleasures: laughter and smiles, love and gratitude.

Each invites users to start with the big picture, that is, what’s most vital in the coming year. Then there’s space for specific goal setting in regards to: personal; family, friends and relationships; heart & spirit; financial; and work and career.

Each day can then be literally designed, with areas for morning and evening routines — complete with little inspiring quotes and spots to remind you of what you are grateful for and what you can’t forget. Finally, stay on course with the big picture by checking in on goals every now and then and can’t-forget items like important birthdays, trips & travel and finance goals.

All this is wrapped up in a most elegant package — check them out!

we2 we3 we5 we4 we6 we7Wall and desk pad calendars nicely round out the range. wa1Everything ranges from just $5.99-$19.99 — so be sure to hit your local Target early for the best selection!we8

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