Colorplan, that ultra-popular paper range of 50 fabulous hues and available through Legion Paper here in the states, is trying to find the world’s favorite color. Not only can you can help, you can win a really grand paper prize!

Crossing cultures and continents, national borders and language barriers, age brackets and social categories, the project is one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging investigations into color preference ever conducted. When we are children, everyone knows their favorite color by rote. But something changes as we reach adulthood. This color becomes less important as a statement of identity; some of us never think about it again — but it’s always there in the background, guiding our actions in ways we may not even notice, let alone understand.

The winning color — sure to appeal to the vast majority of us — will be unveiled in the U.K. at the Paper City exhibition in Hull at the end of June.

So head over to to make your voice heard! One super-lucky soul will have their selection made into a beautiful new Colorplan paper, the 51st in the range. It will be named for them, and made into set of personalized stationery. Oh, and they’ll also get a trip for two to pick up their set & see their paper being made at G.F. Smith‘s mill! I really hope it’s a TPC reader who wins! There’s just one pick per person, so take your sweet time picking your tone.

Meanwhile, I am off all next week so I’ll catch you all in April! 

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