My Letter-Writing Campaign  has been positively received (please, keep those missives coming!) so in that spirit, I can’t write another post without encouraging the occasional physical mailing of greetings. It’s such an easy way to make someone’s day that much brighter — and show your all-round high-classiness, as this colorfully cool note card from Ten Four Paper ensures. The blank card  is printed domestically and features a metallic shimmer silver envelope. $4.20.

Check out the entire line while you’re there, it’s bold and witty, with just the right amount of snark — and I’m guessing something will speak to both you and that old friend you’ve been meaning to reach out to for weeks. Custom wedding invitations are available too.

I always love hearing the stories behind company names, and this one’s no exception. The designer, Julie, grew up eight houses away from her now-husband Matt — though they didn’t start actually dating until they were in college and living 13 hours apart. The long-distance relationship was punctuated by actual letters, which Matt signed “over & out,” and Julie would respond to with a big “10-4.”

“’Ten Four’ has become my way of saying ‘I love you,’” Julie described. “I still think there’s nothing better than receiving a beautiful letter in the mail from someone special.”

Obviously she’s not going to get any argument from me.

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