Fresh from the U.K., Street Stalls from Talking Tables are now available stateside. Four fun designs stylishly dispense desserts, hot dogs, fish & chips — you can even have your own gourmet street truck!

You can see them on the Talking Tables site here, and they have posted party snaps of them in use sent by happy customers. It’s not hard to see why!

Ice Cream Wheel 2 STALL-FISH brighton STALL-POP New York IMG_7040 Each can be easily personalized with included stickers, and the last snapshot was actually taken by me at the bustling Talking Tables booth at this past National Stationery Show.

If you are interested in getting these for your next fête, or carrying them in your store, reach out to Helen Hornsby at

But first, check out their online store and this peek at their latest offerings. You’ll be sure to find even more you can’t live without!

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