Many times over the years, I have looked at amazing patterns on stationery & gift surfaces and thought to myself, these should be on wallpaper. Finally, that has happened — and I couldn’t have hoped for a more incredible release. Brimming with the metallic accents currently dazzling the stationery world, and screen-printed in Chicago, design fans will surely agree that there haven’t been 26 releases this exciting, well, since the alphabet came out.

It is all thanks to the amazing Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. So much of Anna’s work exudes an almost magical, entrancing quality that it’s hard to pull your eyes away from. Her designs feel both nostalgic and new, not an easy effect to attain (and many have tried to mimic this, without much success!).

The wallpaper represents but one of many thoughtful (not to mention gorgeous) extensions to Rifle’s paper range, encompassing everything from reissues of classic children’s books to temporary tattoos.

Anna graciously answered a few questions for TPC about the wallpaper range:

Q. How long did it take you to develop this collection?

A. The whole process from the start of the conversation to the launch took a little less than a year. One of my designers, Erica, took lead on the project and did an amazing job overseeing everything. It took a lot of work to narrow down patterns from designs I had illustrated, separate colors, sample colors, test scale and so on.

Q. Do you have a favorite?

A. My favorite is the Queen Anne pattern in metallic gold on ebony.


Q. I can see why! Do you plan on expanding it in the future?

A. Hopefully! I’d love to see more patterns come to life and for wallpaper to be a staple product for the brand.

I can’t wait to see how this develops! Meanwhile I can dream about which room in my house which pattern will adorn. For now, the range is derived from six different patterns that drastically change depending on the colorway selected.

First, perfect for the world-wise sophisticate, there is the City Toile, available in white, ebony, robin’s egg and parchment.





Rifle’s peonies bloom in persimmon, mint, pale blue, copper and yellow varieties.






Pineapples are trending up these days, but I’ve always loved these symbols of hospitality. Here they would be especially welcoming in, say, an entryway. Again the mood changes depending on the palette — Rifle’s are in ebony, mint, yellow, sorbet and blue.






The fabulous Queen Anne pattern is feminine without feeling fussy — and again the effect varies across the ebony, blush, taupe and robin’s egg palettes.





Rosa feels as classic and enduring as the flower for which it is named and designed around. It’s available in yellow, hunter, persimmon (not shown) and indigo.




Finally, there is safari — ready to turn any children’s space into a jungle room fit for a modern (and chic) Elvis. It’s shown in sky blue, hunter, taupe and blush.





Part of the fun for me is imagining what sort of spaces they would create, and these images show the kind of scenes these wallpapers can set. Yes, this could be your home, and yes — you’d be the envy of all your friends.

citiestoile-robinsegg-wallpaper-03 queenanne-taupe-wallpaper-03 rosa-hunter-wallpaper-03 rosa-indigo-wallpaper-03 safari-hunter-wallpaper-03


A 30-foot roll is either $135 or $175, and you can shop the whole collection here. Orders ship directly from Hygge & West.



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