National Stationery Show is an exciting and fast-paced time for those who attend. My days are spent seeing new product at several hundred booths while hobnobbing with friends old and new. It doesn’t slow down in the evenings; events like the LOUIE awards gala, parties, meet-ups and small dinners with dear friends fill my dance card. All this pretty much guarantees that I end up doing about four months of work in four days — and that I lose my voice by day three.

While covering the show row by row, I often stop at the Stationery Trends booth to drop off materials, meet up with colleagues and see if anyone was looking for me. I can never spend too much time there, but since I don’t get the opportunity to interact with readers very much, seeing them in person is always a real treat.

It was during one of these stops  that I very briefly met Perry Nelson, and became quickly and deeply intrigued by what she does. She is the proprietress of Austin’s Nicely Noted, a  stationery subscription service that delivers a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps to your mailbox every month. As you can see, Perry’s point-of-view is exacting and enticing — no doubt honed during her tenure as the online director for Dwell magazine, online editor at W magazine and site design account manager at Dell.

She was kind enough to send me her November selection, the presentation of which I was appropriately wowed by. Neatly tucked into a belly band were adorable designs from Tabletop Made, Bears Eat Berries and Modern Optic, accompanied by color-coordinated stamps in a glassine envelope. The belly band is signed by Perry on front and imprinted with info on each company and a little writing tip on back. I feel like getting this every month would just make creating beautiful, memorable correspondence easy and approachable.



The idea to create Nicely Noted came to Perry while walking her puppy, Charlie (I get some of my best ideas then too!). “Growing up, I was an avid pen pal and collected a plethora of stationery to fuel my letter writing habit,” Perry described. “But as an adult, my stationery bin wasn’t nearly as stocked, and I always found myself trying to squeeze in a desperate trip to the gift store for every birthday party or baby shower. I thought sending a few handpicked, letterpressed cards each month, complete with the stamps to send them, might be just they way to get folks practicing the wonderful art of letter writing again.”NicelyNotedHQ_PerryandCharlieatDesk_6109

Here are a few more images of selections. I think you’ll agree that Perry has a fantastic eye — and that these make an amazing self-purchase or holiday gift for someone else (perhaps that someone who lives far away that you wish would write you more?). Personally (and obviously) I’m in love. You can subscribe here for $18/month or gift it to someone else, and all you ‘pressers should reach out to Perry to get your work considered for an upcoming collection.

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