Despite needing to purchase several items for my soon-to-be-third-grader, I refuse to believe that summer is winding down. We still have a good month left! As proof, I offer that ingenious & summery products like Milo Gift Shop’s personalized flip flops are still cropping up.

The concept is so timely, I can’t believe it’s just happening now. But I am not surprised that it was Maria Kalorides who thought it up — take a look around her newly revamped, sleek site & you’ll see why.

How did she think these up? “Honestly, I think it was a mother’s need to keep track of shoes!” she told me. “We have so many pairs of shoes in my house between the three kids, my husband and myself (that) I thought, how cool would it be to not have to think twice about figuring out who’s wearing what — especially at the beach this year?  At the same time, I had requests from some of our favorite retailers to offer this product and we just got lucky with perfect timing!”

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$28/pair is a great deal — after all, they’ll barely get worn in during August … and will still feel new come winter vacation or summer ’15!

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