When modernity meets classicism in jewelry form, you get I Ronni Kappos. Using one-of-a-kind German glass beads from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, her work is strikingly simple, yet completely sophisticated. Eye candy at its best!

These pieces come from her Deco Collection, her bracelet and earring offerings as well as her Rainbow Electric Collection, just introduced at NY NOW earlier this month with fantastic sales rep Aesthetic Movement.

If you interested in buying the line at wholesale, reach out to Aesthetic Movement, and if you are interested in getting a piece for yourself, you can find some online stockists here, or just try a Google search.

Irk-e1146 Irk-e1149 Irk-e1162

Irk-e1160 Irk-n1239 Irk-n1280 Irk-n1301 Irk-n1314 Irk-n1315 Irk-n1316

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