With stationery, I tend to focus on product that is already created, not what could or might be.

There are so many talented artists & illustrators hoping to get their work licensed onto stationery, like Hsiao-Chi Chang — who you can also call Alice.

I met Alice briefly at this past National Stationery Show, and I find her her work simply enchanting. Born and raised in Taiwan, she currently lives in New York. Alice works in pencil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache and Photoshop to create her whimsical and playful illustrations, the majority of which are targeted at the children’s market. She considers creating her work playing — and looking through it, that’s really not surprising.

hsiao-chi chang 1 hsiao-chi chang 2 hsiao-chi chang 3 Print trickster gallery show poster Print

Alice’s client roster includes Pottery Barn Teen and Paper Culture, and she’s had several solo shows around NYC this year. I’m thinking her work will also be appearing on more licensed products soon!

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