The mission of the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Holstee is to encourage mindful living — and every one of their prints and posters, created and printed by artists from around the globe, speaks to that objective.

Their manifesto puts it into words better than I ever could, and as you can see from the video above, each one is lovingly and sustainably ‘pressed by EM Letterpress in New Bedford, Mass.

With so many creative minds injecting their own perspective into this idea, you never really know what you’ll be seeing from Holstee Print — but you can be sure that it will encourage you to be your absolute best.

For example, these typography cards by artist Sean McCabe are as lovely to look at as they are uplifting. They are sold in four-packs for $20, available here. Don’t miss the videos showing each coming to life!

Seanwes Do what you love Seanwes life is about Seanwes Live your dream Seanwes Some Opportunities


This Artist Set of letterpress cards, called Earth Wind Fire, are by Matt Braun. I love the clean crisp color and uplifting messages — definitely very motivating on a Monday morning! The set of four is $20.

Braun_Aspire Braun_Reflect Braun_Shine Braun_Steadfast

This is just a tiny sampling of Holstee’s ever-evolving repertoire. Their rather lofty long-term goal is to be a collection of startups, offering many types of products while always keeping one eye firmly fixed on their main mission.

Part of that effort is to positively influence 1 billion people over the next 10 years. “The Manifesto gave us a good head start — we estimate that over 100 million people have seen it — but this is only the beginning,” reads Holstee’s about page. “We believe that the inspiring brands of the 21st century will be different than the giants of the 20th century. Instead of defined by their sheer size and power, we believe the brands of the future will be deeply shaped by genuine values. And they will live these values in every breath of their presence.”

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