One of the many stars at this past National Stationery Show, now a section of signature mix markeplace, was Emily Ley. For those of you who may reside under a rock and are unfamiliar with her, Emily is the creator of The Simplified Planner, which perhaps owes its extreme popularity to the fact that it’s not the planner that’s simplified, but the life living it. In short, it is designed to help those living busy lifestyles prioritize & balance those things that absolutely must get done with those things that matter most.

With that kind of perspective — and Emily does indeed practice what she preaches, as, like so many in the industry (including me) she is a fellow stay-at-home-working mom — it’s no surprise that when her 2014 Simplified Planner debuted, they sold 700 in the first 48 hours, completely depleting the first batch!

At NSS Emily unveiled three gorgeous new planner covers for 2015, encircled with sturdy yet stylish gold bands. It’s the little details, like the gold corners, that set these apart. If I had to pick it a favorite, it would be the navy with white dots (which replicates no less than two dresses in my closet!). But, they are all swoon-worthy.

2013 Shay Cochrane

Next year’s crop also incorporate several small tweaks based on client feedback. Months are now divided by tabs, so accessing each is now that much simpler.

Emily Ley 2015 Simplified Planners 7

I had seen the new covers prior to the show, but seeing them in person at the Best New Product Display in the Desktop category was something else! They are truly lovely — great repositories for one’s “life” — and I accordingly voted for them, fingers crossed that I hadn’t just jinxed them. And, they won!

IMG_7043 copy

If you are a retailer wanting them in your store, do reach out to Emily! And if you are a consumer wanting one for yourself, mark your calendar now: They go on sale September 3 at 10 am EST. I’m guessing this batch is going to go quickly as well!

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