Stationery Trends is a trade magazine, which means we only run products that are wholesaled to either physical stores or consumer websites. So up until now I’ve not been able to share this really amazing direct-to-consumer offering, Chromatic & Co., spearheaded by the über-talented Erika Firm of Delphine. Erika was one of our 10 Designers to Watch in 2011, and this release to me really underscores why I picked her in the first place: Not only is she so gifted as a designer, but she’s not afraid to take a risk.

The concept is simple, really: Chromatic & Co. collaborates with top stationery and graphic designers — and when I say top, I mean it. I consider Fig. 2 Design, 42 PressedDelphine and The Sweetest Occasion to be amongst the creative minds shaping and styling much of the cutting-edge, fine stationery available today, and accordingly you can find their designs in numerous bridal and lifestyle magazines and blogs.

Chromatic’s offerings encompass nearly every conceivable printed piece you can think of: wedding invitation suites and accompanying papers; party stationery; personal and business stationery; party goodies like cocktail napkins and goodie bags; plus fun miscellaneous extras like iPhone cases, serving trays and address labels. Best of all, there are freebies galore here — you can throw that enviable, picture-perfect shindig with just a little effort.

What I really like about this line — other than the fact that you can customize wording and color to get it just so that pink matches your bridesmaids’ dresses — is that it’s both affordable and flexible. Chromatic can print it for you via digital offset printing — or you can go the DIY route, printing it at home, with a local commercial printer or even at a copy shop. While you won’t get the face-to-face insight and expertise that a local stationer can deliver — and for many people, that’s essential, as the steps in getting that perfect bridal invitation can be very confusing — the designers do offer etiquette and design guidance to help assure that your order is as picture-perfect as the breath-taking examples shown above.


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