Finally, spring is in the air! (I am simply ignoring the snow forecast here for tomorrow evening.) Wendy Brown of Brown Ink kindly sent me some of their new introductions to review in person, and I’m completely enamored with the selections she’s just introduced from Brown Parcel Press.

Established in 2007, the letterpress shop is the brainchild of Megan Fowler. After moving from Georgia to Brooklyn and back to Georgia again, Megan and her husband settled the business into a 1920s general store on their 200-year-old farm. “We take inspiration from the things we see around us, and we strive to make designs that quietly matter … images you want to welcome into your home,” reads their website.

In person, the range feels utterly and authentically farm-fresh, replete with crisp splashes of color perfectly married to the clean bite of letterpress. The Fresh Dozen correspondence cards, on cotton paper, is sold in sets of five for $13.

eggs1 eggs3

Next up we’ve got two tri-folds, with the middle section blank so that the message is flanked by gorgeous imagery. The tartly appealing Citrus Set is shown below; a set of four is $16.

grapefruit2 grapefruit4

The Spring Onion set is my favorite, most likely because usually about now I make my first black bean salad of the season, of which these are a prominent ingredient. The cards are run through the press six times — one for each color — and are $16/set of 4.



Thanks so much for sending these to me, Wendy! These were a treat to review in person, and I’m really going to enjoy using these. And, I can’t wait to see what both Brown Ink and Brown Parcel Press unveils next.

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