I am really fortunate to never know what treasures lurk in my mailbox, but every once in a while even I am completely taken aback. So, I couldn’t have been happier a few weeks ago when Eliza Shkolnik of Eliza Gwendalyn surprised me — and my daughter Veronica — with a pair of gorgeous golden lovelies from her new jewelry range.

Our engraved bar necklaces feature our names elegantly presented in Eliza’s signature calligraphy font, and we were both instantly smitten — this at an age when V (as we call her) and I are starting to have very marked aesthetic differences. I don’t think she’s taken hers off since she got it!use_me_v&meEliza has been on a definite upward trajectory of late, she just designed a pendant for Oprah’s circle of friends’ Super Fan special delivery this month. If you’re not a Super Fan, don’t despair — design your own creation from Eliza’s collection of Custom Dog Tags and Engraved Bar Necklaces. Both come in Sterling silver, rose gold plate and gold plate, with the text in a serif, san serif, calligraphy or handwriting, opening up a world of possibilities.
Bosslady Necklace Calligraphy Dog Tag 1 use_me_Calligraphy Dog Tag 2 copyCalligraphy Bar Necklacce Custom Bar Necklace 1Shop the necklaces — as well as gorgeous crystal rings and earrings — here. The dog tags start at $100, while the engraved bar necklaces start at $105. So I guess the real question is, which design speaks to you — and what will your necklace say?
Custom Bar Necklace 2

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