For those who don’t eat meat — i.e. vegetarians — or meat and dairy — i.e. vegans — what starts as a culinary struggle often becomes a way of life. While the number of American vegetarians have swelled to 7.3 million, a figure described as “growing daily,”  that’s still only 3.2% percent of adults. Yet, another 10% of U.S. adults, or 22.8 million people, say they largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet — and I think it’s safe to assume that number will only increase too.

If greeting cards are the billboards of the American psyche, then stationery needs to address every minority, and products that speak to this one with fabulous flair and a sense of humor are most welcome.

That’s where the amazing Two Trick Pony comes in. Their silkscreened offerings are vibrant, colorful and cleverly tongue-in-cheek, and I must inject here that the artistry of silkscreening is often neglected in the glow of its more popular letterpressed sister — but to me that just makes it more enticing.

Anyhoo, I am particularly enthralled with what Two Trick Pony refers to as its Vegan Stuff. First off, their prints are as visually polished as they are smart, and very reasonably priced at $16 a pop. Also, 5% of the Periodic Table of Veganism goes to Our Hen House.

TTP periodic table of veganism

TTP animal friendly

And their cards are perfect for providing both a lift and a laugh.

TTP hey vegan TTP seitan worship

TTP good willTheir silkscreened offerings are handmade, one by one, on 100% post-consumer waste paper. Single cards are $5, while $15 gets you a box of six of the holiday cards shown directly above. Both it & the Periodic Table of Veganism are not silkscreened, rather they are domestically printed in Alabama on 100% PCW paper.

And even if you’re not a vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian-inclined, this isn’t the only trick up Two Trick’s sleeve. Shop their other offerings here with the knowledge that their values of compassion, integrity and negotiating life with a sense of humor are present throughout.
TTP way to go vegan

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