Emily Ley has been the buzz of the stationery world for some time, whether it’s her bazillion social media followers hanging on her every post, or emails from Stationery Trends readers gushing over how well her Simplified Planner is performing at retail.

Katherine Sodergreen of Paper in the Park in Severna Park, Maryland, told me her line did well in 2014, but “increased in popularity in 2015 ten-fold. We attribute her success to the simplicity of her product, her excellent customer service and her charming personality!”

But a charming personality only goes so far. Kathy Lintner and Meredith Metzmeier of Cartwheels Papers & Gifts in Louisville, Kentucky, explained what sets the Simplified Planner apart from all those other ones. “It is thoughtfully designed, with attention given to every detail. The spiral binding allows the Planner to be opened flat, and each page is made of high quality paper that is a pleasure to write on. The layout of each page allows for more writing space and includes pleasing art and special date reminders. The Emily Ley Simplified Planner is beautifully presented in a blue & gold sturdy box, making it a perfect gift or desk accessory.”

And, today is the day her 2016 Daily Editions go on sale. Emily told me new Simplified Planner features upgraded paper, with the same keepsake boxes and simpler page layout found in her spring editions. I think the biggest challenge is figuring out which style suits you best — are you a mint dot kind of girl, perhaps a pineapple or a happy stripe? See them for yourself below!EmilyLey_SimplifiedPlanner_1 EmilyLey_SimplifiedPlanner_3EmilyLey_SimplifiedPlanner_2Oh, and if you are looking for one of the sold-out 2015-16 Weekly Editions in gold pineapple that run August 2015-December 2016, they’ll also be back in stock.

So, what are you waiting for? Snatch one up at 10 am EST before they’re all gone. Emily Ley Branding 2015 (107 of 128)

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