Watching TV commercials, you would think that Christmas was immanent — as in, a few weeks away — but since that is definitely not the case, I’ve decided to first acknowledge that most elusive card-sending occasion, Thanksgiving. While the Thanksgiving card numbers are bigger than one might guess (15 million, according to the Greeting Card Association), I personally do not receive many Thanksgiving cards, though honestly I wish I did.

Crushed between Halloween and Christmas & Chanukah, Thanksgiving is definitely an easy holiday to overlook, although it has an American universality that’s hard to not love. To have gratitude for what one has as we celebrate the bonds of family and friends — what can be better, or more important? To commemorate it with an unexpected card, especially if the sender & recipient won’t be seeing each other at the holiday table, can be both meaningful and memorable.

I think Mollie Green of La Familia Green was clever to decide to speak to that very small but very passionate audience of vegetarian Thanksgiving card senders with this design. I shall be sticking to the sides too this year (and really, Thanksgiving is possibly the ultimate holiday for side dishes, with lots of marshmallows mixed into yams and sweet potatoes — and don’t even get me started on cranberries and stuffing).

Like most of Mollie’s cards, this one is flat printed on recycled paper from an original hand-cut collage, drawing, or print. It’s blank so there’s plenty of space to wax eloquent on the joys of vegetables. $3.50, and you can buy it here.

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