Posts may be a bit sporadic this week. This is not because I’m vacationing — we are actually in production with our mammoth spring issue of Stationery Trends — but school is closed for Spring Break, which means I  have the distinct pleasure of having my seven-year-old home with me — and we’ve got a mini-bucket list to tackle.

In the meantime, this letterpressed owl series from Papillon Press is feeling spot-on seasonally to me just now. Here in Ohio we have had a few spring days, but we woke up yesterday to an unwelcome dusting of snow.

This blank card quartet really captures the back-and-forth we’ve been experiencing here; still there’s the hope of warmth on tomorrow’s horizons. They feature original illustrations by Chantal Bennett and are printed on eco-friendly bamboo paper, $18.50. Papillon Press is also exhibiting at National Stationery Show in booth 1853.

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