When you truly love what you do, you are always and never working. At least that’s what I tell myself — and that was definitely the case during our family vacation last week.

Yes, that was me checking emails while I should have been thinking about anything but stationery at Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom. Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonder to behold and all, but I had goodies in my in-box to swoon over too, in this case from Pressbound.

Melissa Gruntkosky, the brains and brawn behind the New England letterpress studio, called it her “better-late-then-never” desk calendar in the subject line, and frankly after reading that, I couldn’t not look. Before I knew it, I was transported far, far away from Florida and back North to the world of cross-country skiing and covered bridges.


To me, the designs in the calendar — which sit on a wooden easel as opposed to a plastic case — feel rather Art Moderne. Melissa used vintage postcards as her inspiration for the composition and cleverly incorporated texture, graphic shapes, and halftone dots to create more complex compositions than would seem possible at first glance.

I love its subdued palette, and after the month has passed, the calendar info can be trimmed away and the image repurposed. It’s available here for $28 — and a wall version, enclosed by a binder clip, is also available.







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