With December soon upon us, it feels like the right time to share some good tidings: the latest paper creations from Pei Design.

At first glance, it’s clearly evident that Pei Pinney, award-winning graphic designer turned stationer, has taken great care to coordinate this year’s holiday collection. Her ample use of white space, jet ink, clean lines, fresh graphics, and fashionable color splashes feel spare, but purposeful and cheerful. There’s a distinct Scandinavian influence within her work, and her overall aesthetic really sings.

Check out her website to access her web shop and at select stockists for a variety of chic gift wraps along with an eye-pleasing assortment of flat printed holiday postcards for the season. Simple triangles, stripes, polka dots, and tartan married to whimsical hand drawn illustrations lend a wonderful mix of sophisticated playfulness.

Pei makes adorning and corresponding easy peasy for us this year. I particularly love how everything combines so beautifully too. No guesswork is needed to assemble a modern treescape of boxes in gray, gold and jet patterned gift wraps (her brilliantly simple palette). Just mix+match at whim! To wit, I could totally see the minty Christmas tree postcard repurposed as a gift tag atop a gray tartan-wrapped package. Tied with a jaunty jet bow, of course.

Also note, there’s no excuse for not sending handwritten holiday wishes to loved ones and friends this year. Sold in packs of 10, each sweet postcard has just enough room to express merry sentiment. Write one straight from your heart with a quick flick of the wrist. (C’mon nobody’s that busy….) You’ll bring someone real joy.

So load up on these goodies. There’s no time like the present.


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