I love that small card companies are trying this holiday out for size. A. Favorite Design  is the cleverly named brainchild of Amber Favorite, yet another 10 Designers to Watch veteran, this time in 2012. She described her fetching and always fun letterpressed line to me then as “classic Americana with a focus on typography … imagine a Midwestern flea market.”

A spooky, spellbinding quartet of cards comprises her initial Halloween release. A bevy of lanterns are presented in a beguiling orange, yellow and black palette, while another creation is inspired by popcorn boxes. Not one but two cards play on the idea of trains and tickets. One is a trick-or-treat ticket, while the other offering is customizable. Two-color letterpressed, the okra card can be hole punched, colored in or stamped with the details of your get-together.

Amber described her fascination with trains to me. “I grew up in a small town with railroad tracks cutting through it, and have a bit of wanderlust. Trains are always on the move, traveling from town to town or even within a city. I’ve ridden several and enjoyed each one for various reasons. There’s an excitement while holding onto a train ticket for the first time, its possibility to see & experience something new. It’s hope for an adventure … then it’s comfort, knowing you’re headed home.”

Selections retail from $4.50-$5.

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