Father’s Day cards are so easy to lump into one category and simply perceive as a task that needs to be completed, but really they speak to different dads, or rather, different perceptions of those dads on the parts of their children. If you are lucky enough find a design that seems perfectly tailored to the individual, actually writing the card is that much easier. So just this once, a little generalizing isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There’s the dapper dad. (Rifle, $4.5o).


The handy dad. (Wild Ink Press, $5.)

wild ink pressidiom_dad_measure_up3 copy

The step-dad. (Hello!Lucky, $5.)hello lucky

The social-media savvy dad. (The Nic Studio, $5.)

the nic studio

The rock star dad (Sarah Phelps Creative, $5.17)

sarah phelps

The fly dad. (Snow & Graham, $3.50)

snow & graham_2327

And of course, the cool dad. (Two Trick Pony, $5.)

two trick pony

Of course, the holiday is really upon us, and depending on where you are, that order may not reach you in time. So if you are particularly enamored of a card, go to the company’s store locator and see if there are any stockists near you. After all, you never know what you’ll find at a really quality stationery shop … you may even get the gift out of the way too!

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