In case you haven’t heard, Falloween is not just a new holiday season, it’s going on now. According to the Urban Dictionary, Falloween is  “the combination of autumn and Halloween decorations. After October 31st, Thanksgiving items replace the Halloween items.” And, judging by the exquisitely letterpressed Sugarcube Press offering I’ve kicked this post off with, Falloween is not just about décor, it’s also a bona fide card-sending occasion. Mind you, Halloween and Thanksgiving card-sending numbers aren’t huge, but they are healthy: According to the Greeting Card Association, 21 million Halloween cards are purchased, while Thanksgiving comes in at 15 million. Whether this is a trend or not shouldn’t really matter though — what matters is that these design trappings set a great mood for correspondence that happens to occur during this time of year.

That being said, I have to admit, neither Halloween or Thanksgiving was ever very much on the radar for me before I had a child — and I am the first to roll my eyes at a cute term masquerading as an actual holiday. However, I must admit, after spending a few hours picking out seasonal décor with my enthusiastic seven-year-old, the concept is growing on me. This may be partially because I don’t have to rush to put everything away November 1, but I have to note too, there’s much more style here than just pumpkins and pilgrims. The cards and crafts that have been coming across my desk feel fresh, and you can tell the designers are really having fun with their subject matter. As you can see from the examples I’ve shown here from Sugarcube Press, crows are almost pretty, delicately rendered skulls beautiful, and an acorn-adorned branch is all the more compelling with a rust overlay. Are you feeling like penning some poisonous (or pulchritudinous)  prose yet? I’ll have some more goodies to show throughout the season that will hopefully continue to inspire.


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