For all the criticism it faces, Facebook does have it pluses. For example, yesterday morning, this was in my feed:

AFB_Member_Ad_June_2014Many stationery designers dream of seeing their work on home accessories & wall décor — two very exciting and hot categories — and this little classified ad may be the first step in getting there. As far as I know,  A Fresh Bunch (AFB) is the only community of its kind, and it has a limited number of spots available in its roster this summer.

While there is a fee to join ($500/year; or four quarterly payments of $160), you do get a lot that you can’t really put a price tag on, namely, training, introductions and a supportive community to hold your hand and cheer you on. The best part: Once you sell a design, AFB takes care of all the dreary math stuff. If you are interested, visit to learn more.

In the meantime, enjoy these summery designs from AFB members (top to bottom): Petra Wolff, Alice Potter, Allison Holdridge and Zoe Wodarz. Who knows what surface they will be adorning the next time you see them?

04_PW_SUMMER_Florence-00 05_ARP_SUMMER_FruitCocktailV2-00 06_AH_SUMMER_fruits-and-veggies-00 ZW_FB_AFB_Watermelon

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