I recently had the chance of getting better acquainted with StationeryHQ & their services when putting together the spring issue of Stationery Trends. That edition features a Behind the Scenes story (unfortunately not printed in its entirety in the ST archives — though you can subscribe or contact Great American Media Services for a single issue) in which  I looked at several service providers that bring to life the printed pieces envisioned by pretty much any industry segment: designer, retailer, home studio or online merchant.

SHQ.com is an online option for high end printing, with the ease of a VistaPrint but with “way cooler options for paper and products,” Creative Director Erin Sarpa told me. “In stationery alone we offer 39 different sizes and formats and each one has 5-10 gorgeous paper options (like Savoy Cotton, Kraft, and Ice Pearl).  When designers register as a wholesaler they get a whole new pricing model that allows them to resell at a nice profit.”

Here are but a few of the amazing options they offer. You can build a creation from stationery options, and be sure to check out their fancier services like foiling, custom printed die-cuts, even all-the-rage double thick papers. Again, prices shown on the site are NOT wholesale, once you register you should be happily surprised.




Gorgeous, no? Not only do they bring stationery visions to life, StationeryHQ can produce gifts like custom serving trays, lunch boxes and iPhone cases. “We do all kinds of custom work for those who just don’t want to color inside the lines,” the company’s Jack Tanowitz told me, adding that such discussions are commonplace on their rather “boisterous” Facebook page. “If you can’t find something you’re looking for on our site, it’s a safe bet to say we do it offline.”

Be sure to check out their lovely blog as well — earlier this week I had the pleasure of being on the other side of the interview when Erin interviewed me!

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