Looking outside the window, spring seems an eternity away, but when it comes to Stationery Trends, it is right on the horizon. That means I am knee-deep in not only snow, but in preparing our spring issue, our biggest of the year. My deadline to receive art for consideration in it is this Friday — 1/31 — and I am really hoping that TPC readers will share their creations with me.

So, if you wholesale invitations, greeting cards, writing papers, desk and home product, or gifts, this is your chance to get some free publicity in the issue that will literally be all over signature marketplace mix, of which National Stationery Show is a vital part. The show is from May 18-21, but since the issue mails in April, many attendees use it to plan both their buying at the show and throughout the season.

I’m showing our last year of covers so those who are unfamiliar with the publication can get a taste of what we do. Our gorgeous cover models were Fig. 2 Design Studio (Spring 2013), Fawnsberg (Summer 2013), May Designs (Fall 2013) and the kate spade new york collection from Lifeguard Press  (Winter 2014). Last year our spring issue tipped the scales at 124 pages, and it was full of every imaginable gift and stationery category — just as our Spring 2014 edition promises to be.

So, please send me your greeting cards, folded notes, fill-ins, imprintables, candles, invitations and what have you. All I ask is that the images are high-res (any format, 300 dpi, at least 6″ wide), and if you are planning on sending more than two images my way, please compress them before attaching them to an email, or compress them all and send via wetransfer.com (the easiest to use, and thus my favorite all the data transfer services).

Don’t forget to include your name, company name, email, phone and mailing address (so we can mail you an issue if we include you!). And this is your chance to talk up your work — is it edge-painted? engraved? letterpressed in four colors? printed on cotton paper? Don’t hold back!

Oh, and please use my work email to get it to me, or send any questions my way — stedit@stationerytrendsmag.com. I’m happy to get you a submission form with all this info, plus more details about what I’m working on.

I look forward to seeing your best and brightest!

ST_Cover_Summer_2013_1 copy

Fall_Cover copy


spring13cover copy


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