I’m admittedly a little late to the party here, but I just discovered yesterday that National Library Week is April 13-19. While I spent hours in our local branch as a child, once I got to NYU and discovered wondrous venues like Strand BookstoreShakespeare and Company and Rizzoli, libraries were long forgotten.

Fast-forward about 20 years, and I’m back in the burbs, sadly observing first the closing of our Joseph-Beth, then our Borders, leaving me feeling rather isolated with only a lone Barnes & Noble. Then, when my daughter was five, she broke her arm and ended up with three pins in her elbow. I called B&N to request several children’s books to help her through the ordeal — and unfortunately they dropped the ball, both losing the order and copying my phone number down incorrectly. So I called the library — and a very sympathetic librarian tracked down several good reads, including an out-of-print book, The Broken Cat, which seemed as though it was written just for us. She even signed Veronica’s cast!

Since then I’ve become a staple at my local branch. I can pretty much get any book I desire in about a week, and they even have a drive-through window. More important than convenience, however, is the idea that libraries — not for-profit bookstores — are essential to any thriving civilization and intelligent populace.

That’s where Let’s Support, a social enterprise studio committed to spreading positive influences, comes in. Their super-cute library chic collection consists of two totes, pencils and buttons, $4-24. I’m a little partial to the pencils, made from sustained yield forests, myself. Get them here and show off your love of libros year-round!




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