Jenny Morgan of A Fresh Bunch (AFB) wrote me last week with a problem — a good problem to have — but a problem nonetheless:  “Attached please find a little ‘ad’ calling for applications from stationery designers interested in licensing work,” she wrote. “AFB is swamped right now with stationery, invitation and announcement clients, and we are actively seeking additional members with expertise in this little corner of the market to help us meet client demand.

“While the majority of our work is in the U.S. market, one of our clients is expanding rapidly ‘across the pond,’ so we are also interested in designers who can meet the specific cultural requirements of the UK & European markets — think hen parties instead of bachelorette parties, Happy Christmas instead of Merry Christmas.”

If you are interested, please visit to learn more. A Fresh Bunch is a very special, welcoming community — a great place to spread one’s wings and flourish. While there is a fee to join ($500/year; or four quarterly payments of $160), you do get a lot of bang for your proverbial buck, as you’d receive training, introductions and a supportive community to hold your hand as you take your career to the next level. My favorite part: Once you sell a design, AFB takes care of all the dreary math stuff.

The lovely designs you see below represent a small sampling of the breadth of designs available from the group — and are exclusive product sneak peeks sent just for TPC readers!

4x5flatcard_psc_fb_l_1_stripe-pink_sugar_0_1_a_r3-01 FB_LMD_AVAN_GRAD_confetti_5x7_h FB_LMD_AVAN_GRAD_handdrawninvite_5x7_v LMD_FB_AVAN_BANN_twigwreath_5x7_v PK_FB_GRN_WEDDOCC_SVD_LACY SPS_FB_AVAN_BANN_CuriousGiraffe_5x7_L


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