If you haven’t heard the news about National Stationery Show’s re-visioning into signature mix marketplace, it’s pretty exciting! While the National Stationery Show still plays a huge part and comprises a big percentage of the show floor, there are now three other drool-worthy sections to walk: #fresh, a a juried section presenting leading-edge, trend-driven stationery and lifestyle companies; Gift>It, design-driven gift and lifestyle products; and C&LA, tools, kits, embellishments and supplies for every creative pursuit.

Then last week, signature mix & Etsy Wholesale announced a partnership promoting  business between brick-and-mortar retailers and lesser known, yet extremely talented artists and designers. Show officials said these exhibitors will greatly benefit from widespread exposure in the months preceding the May event, and daily promotions during the show that specifically direct buyers to their booths.


I think this is a win-win for everyone involved, but since I wanted to get a better sense of how exactly this will impact the show experience for attendees and exhibitors, I went right to the source. Patti Stracher is signature mix’s lovely show director — I think of her as signature mix’s official go-to girl — and she graciously offered to answer a few quick questions about it all.


1. SS: Can you name a few Etsy Wholesalers exhibiting at the show?

PS: 1Canoe2, Beve, Blackbird LetterpressParrott Design Studio. There are many more!

2. SS: Will these booths be marked in any way?

PS: Etsy Wholesale sellers will have a uniform image to use in their booth, and their directory listings will carry the Etsy Wholesale logo.

3. SS:What other signs of this partnership will attendees see as they walk the show?

PS: We had talked about an Etsy best of show, but this isn’t finalized.  Etsy Wholesale sellers’ directory listings will carry the Etsy Wholesale logo. Etsy’s merchandising team is giving a trend seminar, there will be consistent social media posts (e.g., Instagram, Twitter in particular) during the show and hopefully we’ll have a lounge where everyone can meet/greet. This, too, isn’t final.

4. SS: What else would you like TPC readers to know?

PS: The heart of this relationship is about bringing buyers and innovative designer/designer-makers together to help them build business relationships.  We succeed when they succeed, in that Etsy will potentially grows its wholesaler buyer subscribers  and the number of new sellers, and we will grow our exhibitor and attendee participation. Both of these happen in a qualitative way because we are  like-minded in who we’re targeting. I expect to see a crop of new stores visit smm who don’t typically attend shows, so they can experience “real time” relationship and sourcing as well as introducing an even greater number of new exciting designers to our loyal buyers.


Personally, I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’m sharing product from a few Etsy Wholesalers who are exhibiting. From the top, they are: Beve, These Are ThingsParrott Design Studio and Blackbird Letterpress.

beve green pattern product photo bp-ournewarrival-filledin FillInBlank-Floral copy





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