It’s very rewarding — and rare — for a paper range to appear that is not only really amazing in and of itself, but is presented in a way to seamlessly inspire and guide any project.

Described as ultimate weapon in a designer’s arsenal, the Mecca of colors for stationers and the silver bullet for any bride, Colorplan is the broadest range of premium colored papers that I’ve come across, available in 50 colors, 25 embossings and eight weights!

Click on any color, and you’ll see complementary and adjacent colors, and can even set it as the background to see its effect better. You can also shop groupings according to Classic, Trend, New, Corporate, Light to Dark and Alphabetical. Consider yourself warned: These tools are impossible to *not* play with!

The swatch library and embossings are downloadable, and each weight has a video showing a hand thumbing through a pile of it or turning & gently pressing a sheet. The surface flaunts a subtle vellum texture that lends the paper a certain tactile quality, while even the heaviest weights have fantastic tensile strength, allowing for great “foldability” for envelopes and packaging applications.

Manchester-1 Manchester-6 Manchester-9

The British range was five years in the making, and inspired by the cultural revolution that occurred in 1967 when the BBC went from flickering black-and-white to vivid color. I think of it as comparable to that moment in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy first walks into Oz.

You can learn more about Colorplan’s history here, and see a really cool video of Bright Red coming to life from raw pulp here. And, if you want to order, visit Legion Paper here.

If you attended this past National Stationery Show, you may already have a sample – Legion Paper’s promotional box to hold the flash cards designed by 26 exhibitors is Factory Yellow Colorplan. The box is gorgeous, but I know there’s a design out there for every luscious tone, embossing & weight!

NSS Box1


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