It’s always interesting when an established company rebrands itself, and it’s even better when a formerly unpaid employee (sibling or not) starts seeing some green! That is the case with Amy Smyth of Ecka & Pecka, who just launched A Smyth Co.

“If you’ve ever visited Ecka & Pecka’s booth at the National Stationery Show, there’s a guy always next to me. That’s my brother, John. He has been involved in the growth and success of my company from the beginning. But there has always been just one problem: I’ve never paid him. Last May at the show, I decided it was time for that to change.”

John & Amy Smyth

Older sisters are the best! Enter A Smyth Co., a line of “witty, pretty, sarcastic, sweet and sendable” cards. There’s over 200 new designs for 2014. The company has taken Ecka & Pecka under its wing. Plus, there’s collections from Anni Betts and Elizabeth Olwen and a new line called Shenanigans Murphy.

Amy says the best part of working with her brother is “Being able to yell at each other and then start laughing the next minute.”

The line definitely has a lot of facets to it and many hidden treasures. Both of these are blank from the Anni Betts collection.




And there’s a lot of great humor from new talented copywriters Molly Lartz, Shannon Hollsten and Andrew Gall.


(Inside: Because you are my elder.)


(Inside: And by yoga class, I mean a bar.)


(Inside: Please say a card, please say a card …)

Plus there’s sweet touches as well — such as this design, perfect for Valentine’s day.


(Inside: And yeah, you’ve pretty much got all the thoughts in-between covered, too.)

You can read all about the creative minds that staff this new endeavor — it sounds like a pretty zany office — over at Ecka & Pecka’s blog, where you can also link to the wholesale catalog. Congratulations to you all on a truly lovely launch!

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