It has finally started to get cold and snowy here in Ohio, so what better way to get through the next few brutal months than by feasting the eyes on carefully assembled bouquets, preserved for posterity on cards and bookmarks.

Wild Greeting Cards  is the brainchild of artist April Story and founder Kyle Cunningham. It all actually started long ago, with April’s first summer job in a little town just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. As she walked home every day, she was taken in by the abundance of wildflowers along the road. So, she decided to pick a different bouquet of flowers each day, and would never pick the same flower twice.

That little game led to April spending the next three decades learning about different flowers across the Rocky Mountains, the Arizona Desert and Hawaii. Later, the self-taught botanist began “preserving” these bouquets via photography.

“About two years ago,  April and I were home for the holidays talking about different ways to use the images,” Kyle told me. “Once I took a look, I knew greeting cards would be a great way to showcase these images. The matching bookmark (adds) a keepsake. To educate the card recipient we have (listed) on the back of each card and bookmark the type of flower in the arrangement.”

Kyle sent me a few samples, and in life the floral vignettes are beyond gorgeous, meticulously printed on high-quality stock so that every petal and leaf looks like you could just reach out and touch them. But don’t take my word for it — see for yourself. I do really love that you get to learn what you are looking at too.

image_1 copy

image_2 copy 2



arizona_dessert arizona_dessert_back hawaiian_beauty hawaiian_beauty_back

Kyle’s favorite is the Hawaii Beauty greeting card just above — “I really like how the purple pops off the page” — but April finds it really hard to pick just one. “I think we have put together a great representation of the different regions.”

You can shop the entire range here. Cards and bookmarks are available singly or in sets starting at $5.95 each. And, stay tuned for more designs. “We have hundreds of different bouquet arrangements and will continue to slowly roll out different cards and bookmarks!” Kyle noted.

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