Most people absolutely love the idea of sending a beautifully written and presented letter — it’s the actual execution that gets in the way. A while back, I wrote about Punkpost, a team of real, live people who write, personalize and send handwritten cards on your behalf.

They really have broken down the process: get the app, select a card, type your message, add optional extras, and their team of 70+ handwriting artists gets to work! The first card is free, then they start at $5 after that.Now they have introduced Punkpost Projects, which differs from the Punkpost app in that you can schedule hundreds of cards to multiple addresses up to one year in advance — perfect for mass mailings and corporate correspondence.

“We built Projects because our customers were asking us to create something they could use at work,” Co-founder Alexis Monson told me. “People have been using it to connect with business partners and clients, send happy birthdays to employees and happy holidays to customers.”It really has the potential to simplify a huge, daunting project. First create an account. Then set up your first project, including choosing cards and adding a templated message. Import contacts manually or by uploading a file. Each message can be personalized to your heart’s desire.

Once it’s all ready, hit send or schedule in advance. From there, the handwriting artists take over, writing the messages, addressing the envelopes, stamping and mail them. You even get photo receipts of each and every card and envelope! So whether you want to send one letter or 100, Punkpost seamlessly blends the online world in which we exist too much of the time with the physical world of snail mail — beautifully executed no less!

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