There’s still something about a brand new stationery range being released into the wide old world that is so intriguing to me. At its conception, a new collection is fresh from the maker’s heart, untouched by what is selling through or feedback from retail clients.

Don’t get me wrong, these practical considerations are integral to survival — but the initial release tends to be fresh and artful, closer to fine art than commerce. So it’s no shocker that I’m smitten with the new letterpress range thrill greetings.

It was created by the charming Aggie Welty, whom I met, very briefly, when she lived in Ohio. Now she’s in Tucson printing away with the hopes that her range will encourage handwritten correspondence and bring a thrill to the everyday. “Just trying to do my small part in keeping letter writing thriving!” she wrote me.

If you’re looking for an ornate letterpressed card, these intentionally go in the other direction. “I’m inspired to encourage people to share their thoughts — no matter how surface level or deep they may be — in their own handwriting — no matter what they think of it — for a special or random occasion to someone they love because that is just priceless,” Aggie explained.

Despite its simplicity, this is actually an old-fashioned range in that it promotes the idea of sending a card for its own sake. “I love the idea of bringing a thrill to the everyday even when there’s no specific prompt, and I want everyone to receive and spread that feeling around through the written word,” Aggie finished.

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