Tomorrow I’m off to a brand-new trade show, Niche Fair, a market of 75 curated makers, so today seems the perfect time to highlight one of those small, dynamic artisans who too often get overlooked in the morass of the internet. Erin Lyndal Martin is the force behind The Mermaids Singing, an Etsy shop full of as she puts it “abstract art and artful things.”
Erin’s handmade offerings include paintings, ornaments, cards, candles and candle holders. In addition to creating visual art, Erin is a writer, music junkie, novice photographer, and obsessed with finding new art she likes. “Having so many creative interests makes for good cross-pollination between those fields,” she told me. “In my art, it’s important to really use the properties of my materials — I like for watercolor to flow and for glass to let light through.  I like to start with a feeling or image I want to channel (from music or poetry or my own mood) without being too attached to a certain outcome. There’s a lot to be said for stepping back and letting chance and your materials co-create with you.”
Erin set up a discount code for TPC readers — use PAPER for 15% off a purchase of $15 or more in her shop. Oh, and if you can’t make it to Cleveland, head on over to Niche Fair’s Live Lounge on Facebook at 11 am EST tomorrow — yours truly will be answering questions in the hot seat!
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