One of my favorite IG feeds is that of illustrator and calligrapher Liz Bartucci of @tuccicursive — and if you don’t follow that as well as her @alvamaeevans address, take my advice and start this minute!
   More recently Liz has collaborated with Big Wheel Press on a letterpressed range, The ReSister Line. Liz’ illustrations are that much more gorgeous in the dimensional medium that is letterpress, there is even a gorgeous pointillist quality to these in life that I can’t recall seeing in letterpress. These are especially fetching paired with pink envelopes, and make no mistake about it — these feel-good cards are not just for your sisters by birth!

There’s even a set of six for all your stationery needs, or you can shop them singly. Find them all here!

Meanwhile, I am soon heading to The Las Vegas Market, so I’ll be back here sometime next week. Cheerio ’til then!

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