TPC readers may remember when I wrote about the print inked by Liz of Tucci Cursive highlighting some of New York’s finest stationery stores. Printed on Mohawk Superfine Smooth Ultrawhite 120 cover, the paper itself turned 70 alongside National Stationery Show itself — and piles were at the ready in Mohawk’s NSS booth as a fun giveaway.

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TPC and Felt & Wire also gave away several prints earlier this month — all we asked was to get the names of readers’ favorite stationery stores. And, I’m so happy to say they are literally all over the map! Here they are — I tip my hat to all of you.

Kim Baker, my COO/Publisher over at Stationery Trends, sung the praises of 6.25 Paper Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan — actually spearheaded by Abbey Fowler, who was also the very first graphic designer of ST!

Kim writes, “What is it I love about 6.25 Paper Studio in Grand Rapids? Every time I go in there, there’s something that surprises me — pleasantly, of course. Whether it’s a witty card or a snarky tote bag, I know I’m always going to walk out with a smile on my face (and plenty of stationery items in my hand). The store is also a great place to pick up local, made in Michigan goods — from T-shirts to mugs to wall décor. Gosh, I just can’t say enough about what I like about the store!”

Stephanie prefers posh Robert Mason in Columbus — just down the figurative road from me — while Ellen shops Please Reply in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama.

Meanwhile, two readers professed their devotion to Paper SourceCaitlin Van Dusen writes, “I am loving our Paper Source in Nashville! Whether I want to make something myself or buy something off the shelf, they always have what I need!”

Liana Sora hits Paper Source in Manhattan (of which there are six, plus locations in Brooklyn). She wrote, “They always have the best quality in not only party but pens and everything else too.”

Here’s a store whose owner, Tona, was a #Write_On winner sometime back — and one I must visit if I find myself in Tampa. Kellie writes, “Mine would have to be Paper Seahorse. It is local and I am for supporting local!”

And, a stationery store doesn’t even have to be a stationery store per se to have a great selection. Kirsty wrote, “Not a traditional stationery store, but the Single Track Art Gallery & Espresso Bar on the Isle of Skye was a surprise for me that I loved! Walked in for a coffee and sandwich and left with a collection of notebooks and pencils. Their collection was small but lovely!”

I wasn’t too surprised to see that Micah picked Shindig Paperie of Fayetteville, Arkansas — I follow Trisha’s Instagram feed (along with 29.1K others) and I can only imagine how great the store must be! Micah writes, “Shindig always has that special something when I need it. Great unique pieces and custom local print pieces.”

Rebecca shops Troy Cloth & Paper in Troy, New York. “They have beautifully handmade, witty, graphically eye catching greeting cards!”

Heading South, Aimee Berger says Bering’s in Houston, Texas is her go-to for stationery and gifts. “They feature national as well as local designers. I always find something perfect!”

And, here’s another familiar store (and wholesaler): Oblation Papers & Press in Portland, Oregon. Shannon Hiller-Webb wrote, “Oblations is by far the best store for all things memorable, customized and with a range of supplies to create lasting memories.”

Also in the Northeast, Danielle Crandall responded, “My favorite stationary store is Paper Hammer in downtown Seattle. A lot of great letterpress products from local designers.”

And, rounding out our group of 13, Christina Lanzisero of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, love Montclair’s own Parcel. “Montclair is one of my favorite charming, little local towns to spend time wandering between stores, and Parcel is a great place to meet a friend or find a special gift. Just their displays alone will catch your attention and capture you imagination, as it is clear they take great care in planning out and designing them. You will feel like you are on a treasure hunt as you browse their beautifully curated inventory of vintage ephemera, trinkets, gift wrap, stationery, ribbons, collectibles, and so much more. It is the perfect place to find a personal and meaningful gift, or spend time browsing and conjuring up valid reasons for needing to take home any and all of what you might find in the store.”

So, who said paper stores were disappearing again? I have to say, perusing their websites in writing this post was beyond inspiring — perhaps a U.S. (or even world) map is in order for our next project? Click through to check them out for yourself, or, better still, if you are nearby, pop in and pay them a visit!

Thank you to everyone who responded! And, a big thanks to Liz for creating this fun map so quickly and beautifully, Jill at Parse & Parcel for jumping on board and sending the map to her Parcel subscribers — and of course Mohawk for printing it so quickly and perfectly on the fly!

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