One of the more rewarding things about writing TPC is that small-batch artisans just getting their feet wet are a lot more likely to reach out to me. So, I never know what’s going to show up in my in-box — or my mailbox. That was definitely the case with Caroline of Printed Luck by Cel.

“My ‘thing’ is old fashioned linoleum block carving & printing recycled paper stationery, cardstock, and linens,” she wrote. “I learned how to block print in high school and recently picked it back up. My favorite thing about printing is that ‘if you can think it, you can print it!’ I like the organic and rustic look that images have when they’ve been carved from a block and inked/pulled by hand.

“I became interested in stationery, specifically, because it’s not something that you usually see block printing on.  Stationery is also something that is shared, and that’s how I want my art to be. I am constantly inspired by nature, creation and also people: fellow artists and creative minds. I thrive in an environment where I can create and be around people who create!”

Welcome to the stationery biz, Caroline! I think she’s found her niche, no? In person, her work is even more adorable than the photos show, filled with fun details like block-printing on the Kraft envelopes as well as a four-leaf clover icon on the back of each card.

Cupcake Dots Hearts Parrot Triangles

feather-cardYou can see more of Caroline’s delightful work here, and her Etsy shop is here. Her prints are adorable, and most cards are $10.50/5 — a really great deal! IMG_0239

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