A visit to the  Aesthetic Movement showroom is like touring a pop culture museum. Since they rep fabulous, design-driven lines like te Neues, Austin Press, Fishs Eddy, I. Ronni Kampos, Izola, Sideshow Press and Thomas Paul, you are always in for a visual treat!

On my last visit, in Atlanta, I found the amazing IMM Living. The award-winning Canadian company turns traditional housewares on their nose with its array of modern cultural artifacts. Meant for everyday use, their tongue-in-cheek nature somehow elevates them from the majority of product out there.

We just renovated two bathrooms, so I had to find a spot somewhere for their goods — and Aesthetic Movement & IMM Living were generous enough to accommodate me!

I knew the porcelain Rabbit Head Soap Dispenser, shown on the right, would be perfect for my daughter’s bathroom, and it does indeed add a one-of-a-kind touch. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to an eight-year-old’s wear-and-tear, and the porcelain wipes down easily. Prices will vary depending on the retailer — you can find a stockist (including online stockists) here. Soap Dispensers

For the master bath, I wanted The Socialites, containers ideal for keeping all of life’s little treasures secret. Who knows what’s lurking beneath those fancy hats?

The Socialites_Female_Cut White The Socialites_Male_Cut white

Right now IMM Living has a wonderful curated sale on select items going through August 2, and if you are interested in wholesale orders, visit here or here.

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