You may remember Joker Greeting cards from a post I did about a year back (or from all the press they’ve received) — these are the perfect cards for pranksters, as the recipient is not getting quite what they thought!

Now Travis & Co. have released several new designs. Each card is stronger than the previous release and plays its particular message for three hours, whether open or closed, pretty much until it is completely destroyed. And, if you press the button again, it just gets louder!

First up is this Baby Shower card featuring a baby crying. It’s perfect for new moms or moms-to-be, and as a warning of what may well happen for teenagers. BabyShowerThis “Thinking of You” card plays a car alarm … over and over.CarAlarmThis design has an additional surprise — once the recipient tries to break it to end the song, they are greeted with a shower of confetti! Congratulations And here is the confetti birthday version.HappyBdayAre you sorry not really sorry about something you did? Then this is the card for you.ImSorryThis card plays The Golden Girls’ “Thank you for being a friend” — again, for three hours.
ThankYouAnd finally, who doesn’t love the Macarena? This design works for any occasion. 

Each design arrives in safe mode, so it can be signed and tested before sending. Just don’t forget to remove the perforated tab prior to sending! Prices start at $8.99, with discounts offered if you order in quantity. Shop them all here, and don’t miss out on the testimonials, previews of the songs and helpful videos. Hopefully your friends are more forgiving than this range!

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