The best adventures in life don’t tend to be straight lines — and that applies to building a brand as well. 10 years ago, Julie Ann Art was born as a creative hobby that its founder Julie casually named after herself.

The range immediately distinguished itself with a distinctive and often snarky blend of honesty and humor, paired with enticing illustrations and hand-lettering. As a result, the business grew organically — and exponentially — with the help of a loyal customer-base and some notable social media mentions, including George Takei’s FB page and Lauren Conrad’s IG feed.

Yet as time went by, Julie felt she needed a name to better represent and celebrate her growing brand. “Julie Ann Art’s success has been thanks to the support of repeat customers, and I drew inspiration from them when contemplating the new name,” Julie told me. “I considered their characteristics. They are strong, they are unapologetic, they use their voice. To me, ‘unblushing’ doesn’t only refer to the products we offer, but the audience we serve.”

So, today ushers in the official unveiling of Unblushing! It’s both a professional and personal step for Julie. “For me, this transition emphasizes the journey and celebrates evolving over time, even when that change is scary,” she explained. “It’s a reminder to always appreciate the past, while being excited for the future.”

In honor of the occasion, Julie has introduced 10 new cards, including several in the Friendship Appreciation category. “Over the last few years I’ve been reminded that even the feistiest female needs her girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on from time to time,” she noted. “It was important for me to add cards to our line that show this vulnerability while holding on to the brand’s usual sass.”

Shop them all (along with lots of other goodies) here!

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