Sometimes our most frightening experiences allow us to rediscover what matters most. If you are really lucky, you can spread that wisdom to others. That is the thinking behind The Card Crusade, of which I’m so proud to say that The Paper Chronicles has been asked to partner with this holiday season. Of course Lissa & I immediately said yes! I think its founder’s Jamie Eslinger’s story is so powerful, I’ll let her tell it:

“I am a 20-year cancer survivor, and this year had a little thyroid nodule pop up that was a bit scary,” she wrote me. “While preparing for surgery I started a ‘card crusade’ where I sent a card to someone I loved every single day for 30 days leading up to surgery (so I could focus on gratitude instead of fear). Julia McLemore from Green Ink Gallery was inspired by this mission and donated cards. MANY cards were sent. MUCH Joy was spread. And it made all the difference in the world. Sending the cards  allowed me to focus on gratitude instead of fear. It absolutely changed my attitude and my life. The surgery went smoothly and my thyroid was benign. Whew! The cards made all the difference.”

Participating is easy — and free. All you do is sign up at the link above and choose three people who have influenced your life in a meaningful way. Then tell them why — and thank them for it — in a card, note or letter (hopefully in addition to all your regular holiday cards).

“I believe you change a life when you write something from your heart,” Jamie wrote me, and I do too. I especially agree that penning something by hand as opposed to email lets you present your thoughts in a more meaningful way, and send the recipient something far more authentic than an email.

That’s why I’m signing up just as soon as I post this — and I urge you to do so as well. You never know how much it can brighten a loved one’s day.  I am foregoing entering the drawing to receive free cards from a year from Green Ink Gallery, as I think another participant (possibly you!) should get them. Right now I am just focusing on my three special people to thank. As Thanksgiving draws close, honestly, there are a lot of candidates to choose from!


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