February 29 is a special day, like presidential elections or the Summer Olympics, that comes just once every four years. According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, this quadrennial event is actually a “catch-up” day. He explained in today’s New York Times that it takes 365¼ days for the Earth to go around the sun, so a 365-day year shortchanges reality. The additional day in years divisible by four is supposed to set things right.

Perhaps it’s in the spirit of “setting things right” that February 29 is traditionally a day where women are encouraged to take a leap themselves and propose. And what better way to get the process going than with Punkpost, the app that lets you send a handwritten card just as easily as a text? 

This fun design below (which actually can ask the recipient to do many things, not just tie the knot) is by independent Oakland-based artist Chelsey Dyer. A few steps on your phone, and your handwritten proposal — complete with confetti or romantic photo to seal the deal — will soon be on its way.  

Chelsea Dyer's Will You copy Will You with the app copyLearn more here, and look, you can download the app and even send that proposal for free! All the better for paying for all those pesky wedding expenses.Will You written copy

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