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A little insight can go a long way — and the new Wise Words range from Sky of Blue Cards provides just that. These eight cards technically fall in the encouragement and friendship category, but to me they’re all about much-needed empathy, and letterpressed no less! Their hand-drawn lettering and …

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Nothing puts a spring in my step more than a fresh new card company popping into my in-box. That happened earlier this week, when Jennifer Gregoire of the L.A.-based Yeppie Paper wrote me. Jennifer creates the hand-painted gouache illustrations that grace each card. “After studying Fine Art in college, I pursued other …

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Love is indeed beautiful, but it can also be funny — not to mention letterpressed — as Shayna from Steel Petal Press well knows. Her Valentine’s Day offerings feature clean, modern designs with simple, sincere & spot-on sentiments. Check out the full collection in Shayna’s Etsy shop or her website. $4.50-5 each. Did …

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Valentine’s Day is probably the only day of year that over-the-top displays of affection are not just tolerated, but encouraged and even expected. What better way to not disappoint your loved ones than with these letterpressed and neon-inked offerings from Hello!Lucky? Their love & friendship collection is just as wholesomely light-hearted …

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