There is something about great illustration on sweet stationery that gets my blood racing, and recent releases from Bloomwolf Studio definitely fit the bill.To me, the mark of a particularly enticing range is one that you want to own ever last piece of — and I think you’ll agree that the easy hand, cool lettering, bright colors and fun patterns from this house of design make for an enchanting world well worth getting lost in! First up, this is a recent release — but one that really resonates with me. Send it to a friend or your elected representative — and your voice can lead its own little march courtesy of the USPS! Pick up a bunch here for $4.50 a pop. Next up, Bloomwolf’s City Series of greeting cards and art prints bring the iconic landmarks of our fair country (and beyond its borders) to irresistible illustrated life. This first release includes Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, St. Petersburg, Tampa, New York City, Portland, Washington D.C., Boston and Los Angeles. So, save yourself the hassle of flying and enjoy classic American vistas from the comfort of your own home instead!

So cosmopolitan, no? It’s globe-trotting without those pesky security lines! Each is available as a card, boxed set of 8 cards, or an art print; the art prints are available in 5″x7,” 8″x10,” or 11″x14″ sizes. The second installment of cities — to include Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Denver, and Oklahoma City — will be released in the coming months. I’m guessing Cleveland is in the third release?

Shop all of Bloomwolf Studio’s greeting cards, notepads, button pins, postcards and art prints on their beautiful website — free shipping on domestic orders over $45 — or check out their Etsy store. Or, find a nearby store here


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