Anyone who has cared for a newborn or toddler knows it is really, really tough. I actually think brainwashing techniques come into play — you’re sleep-deprived, with no privacy, isolated, and if you’re anything like me, terrified you are going to drop and break the baby. While you do come out of this mind-altering experience a bona fide parent, a little compassion from a fellow grown-up is invaluable.

Coming to the rescue is the Being Parents Greeting Card Collection from Red Paper Boutique. “When you think you’re all alone at 4 am rocking your screaming baby to sleep for the fifth time that night, we want you to know we get it! We’ve been there!” the companies’ Gabriela Dersh told me. “Whether you are that mother struggling to find time to shower or that father up to his elbows in baby poop, you’re doing a kick-ass job and this too shall pass!”

I think you’ll agree that the colorful range is as stylishly presented as it is well-written.

REDParentCollection023 REDParentCollection010REDParentCollection019REDParentCollection034REDParentCollection050REDParentCollection059So take pity on that friend of yours in the drool-soaked trenches. They’ll be able to have a laugh … at least before the next drama ensues. You can shop all the Being Parents designs here, for $5.25 Canadian dollars — that’s about 3.95 each.


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